WAGON MASTER’S GUIDE TO

                                           PLANNING A RALLY

Originally written and published September 17 1988 by Betty S. Synhorst, F 59242

Revised:  May, 1990 by Dorothy Columbia, F95951 (per Board of Director decisions)
Second Revision —May 3, 1990

Reprinted with some revisions (as noted), by Dorothy Columbia—January 1996

Revised: November, 2001 by Irene Renfro, F 138913 (per Board of Director Approval).

Reprinted with some revisions (as noted), by Dede Gorsche F149767 March 2006.

Reprinted with some revisions by Irene Renfro, F 138913 (per President Ray Gour request). December 2007.

Updated: February 25, 2010 by Irene Renfro, F 138913 (per Board of Director Approval)

Updated: May, 2010 by Irene Renfro, F 138913 (per Board of Director Decisions)

Updated: February, 2015 by Irene Renfro, F138913 (per Board of Director Decisions)

Updated: February, 2018 by Herman Mullins (per Board of Directors February 17, 2018


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                      LONE STAR CHAPTER - FMCA


                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Section Title                                                          Page

         INTRODUCTION                                 4

I        PLANNING A RALLY                           5

II        PRE-REGISTRATION                         9


IV       ON-SITE PREPARATION                  11

V       ON-SITE REGISTRATION                 12

VI        FOOD                                                 13

VII       ENTERTAINMENT                            15

VIII       RECAPPING THE RALLY                 16

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Rally Registration Form
Blank Itinerary
Blank Registration
Rally Expenditures

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Good FMCA Chapters have rallies that are enjoyed by their membership. Good rallies result from good planning and execution  by the
Wagon Master.

This GUIDE was prepared to assist the Wagon Master in the planning and direction of each rally. It is a composite of information
from a previous Lone Star Chapter Guide, the experiences of past chapter Wagon Masters, and the FMCA “Trail-Boss Guide”.

The Guide has been prepared in Nine Sections with Exhibits of Forms that should be used and will assist in the organization of the
rally. Some of the information may not be applicable to each rally, but the Guide should be read in its entirety, and the application
used as and aid to the Wagon Master.

Being a Wagon Master is certainly appreciated by the membership, and hopefully it will be a very rewarding experience for you.

Note: If during the planning for your Rally you need money prior to the receipt of some of the
Rally applications and have a cash flow problem the Treasurer can issue you a “get started check” It will make the reconciliation a lot
easier if this check is not needed and is not the preferred way to do it. However the situation could require it and this method is
available if needed.

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The Rally sites are chosen a year in advance by the First Vice President/Rally Master (ADD). He/she has the responsibility for
contracting for each rally site and for delivering the contracts to the Second Vice President. Each contract should be in writing,
signed by both the First Vice President and the Park Manager, designating:
x        Confirmed rally dates
x        Building rental fees, specifying additional charges such as air conditioning or heating
x        Restrictions of any kind
x        Ground Rules
x        Parking Fees
x        Policy on the use of caterers
x        Services to be provided by the Park Manager
x        Any other conditions applicable to the site contract
x        Insure that the Second Vice President has a copy of all contract or written confirmation letters.

The Second Vice President is responsible for ensuring that each Chapter Wagon Master is informed of all arrangements previously
made. Also for advising the Wagon Master when policy matters are involved, and for being available to the Wagon Master for
assistance when needed to help make the Chapter meeting a success.

The Second Vice President should arrange a meeting with the Wagon Master and with the First Vice President to review the terms of
the site contract and any correspondence or information regarding arrangements already made. Copies of the contract and
correspondence, if any, should be given to the Wagon Master.

The Second Vice President is responsible for ascertaining that the Rally supplies and equipment are made available to each Wagon
Master immediately following a rally. This maybe done by the Wagon Master taking the supplies and equipment at the end of the
previous rally or in his or her absence, a designated member would be responsible for the materials until the Wagonmaster can obtain
them. This should be done as soon as possible after each rally, so an inventory maybe taken and plans started for the next rally
without too much of a delay.

The Second Vice President will insure that each Wagon Master is issued a copy of the Wagon Masters Guide and copy of the
Contract with or confirmation letter from the Rally site Park, well in advance of the scheduled rally. It is suggested that each year as
soon as Wagon Masters have been selected and assigned a rally date, this Guide be issued at that time

The first item for the Wagon Master is to contact the Park Manager for a personal meeting to review the initial contract, reaffirm all
previous arrangements made by the First Vice President, and to make any additional arrangements which should be confirmed 30 to
60 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

                                                                              - 5 -


The parking fees should have been established by the First Vice President, but this item needs to be reaffirmed with the Park
Manager. In some cases the parking fee for the rally days is discounted, so it is very important to find out if the parking fee would be
increased for the “Early Arrivals” and information included on the Pre-Registration Form. Also if the park is scheduled for another
event prior to the Chapter meeting, the parking spaces maybe limited or not available for the early arrivals. This kind of information
will need to be included on the Pre-Registration form. In the past, it has been found to be a better arrangement for all members, if the
parking fee is collected by either the Wagonmaster on registration day or the Park Manager on the day of arrival at the park. There
maybe circumstances where the Park Manager requests that the parking fee be paid in advance, and if this is the case, this
information must be included on the Pre-Registration form. Wagon Master or the Assistant Wagon Master will provide the Park
Manager a list of registered member approx. 1week prior to the Rally.


In addition, it is very important to discuss with the Park Manager such items as:

1.        What are the ground rules? Are motor bikes allowed?
2.        The location of the trash containers.
3.        Will each space have full hook-ups, and if not the location of the dump stations?
4.        Location of nearest medical facilities in case of an emergency, the emergency number to be used and procedures to be
5.        Recommendations regarding vendors that are available in the area, and any regulations pertaining to vendors coming to the
6.        Parking spaces that maybe assigned to handicapped persons keeping in mind that the spaces should be easily accessible by
       wheelchair or other means of mobility.
7.        Parking spaces and or interior areas that may be assigned to exhibitors.


An inventory of all materials should be done just as soon as possible to ascertain the additional items that will be needed for the rally.
A list of the standard consumable items and equipment has been included in the Guide. (See Table of Contents) If some items do not
appear to be with all of the materials that were transferred the Second Vice President or, if he or she cannot be located, then, the
President should be notified immediately. In some cases members, wanting to be helpful, have volunteered to store the items or to
take them to the Wagon Master, so these items need to be located as soon as possible. It would always be a good idea if each Wagon
Master would make an “End of Rally Inventory,” so each new Wagon Master would have some idea of the supplies and equipment
that are available for the rally.

                                                                       - 6 -

D.                PURCHASE OF SUPPLIES

A ruling was made to generally NOT have consumable supplies left over after the rally which would have to be stored or transported
by the Wagon Masters. Therefore only buy an amount anticipated to be used at the rally.
Please keep in mind to retain all invoices and receipts for purchases, and meals catered. These must be submitted to the Treasurer
along with the Financial Statement. This procedure will be discussed in detail in section IX.

E.                 FOOD

As part of the Rally planning, it is very important to decide what type of food will be served, since the food cost is the largest item in
the Registration Fee. A rough agenda of the program should be drafted to incorporate applicable items such as the number of times
coffee, breakfast and meals will be served. See Section VII Food for more details.

F.                 ENTERTAINMENT

Entertainment if obtained from outside sources can be very expensive. Planned recreation at the RV Park is usually enjoyed by a good
number of members. A lot of enjoyment maybe had at a low price with proper planning. See Section VIII.

G.                EXHIBITORS

1.    At the option of the Wagon Master, the Lone Star Chapter permits dealers to exhibit products or services at the rallies.
The Wagon Master will designate the exhibit space for each exhibitor and limit the number of dealers on the basis of              
space available and the size of the rally.
2.   A Texas ruling states that motor home dealers must be from within a 75 mile radius of the campground where rally is  held.
A motor home dealer will be charged $125.00 per coach displayed.
3.   A dealer displaying other products or services will pay a booth charge of $60.00
4.   Dealers who remain overnight at the rally should pay the regular parking fee, unless other arrangements are made with the
Wagon Master. The dealer will be responsible for his displays at all times.

H.             COMMITTEES

1.       The Wagon Master should appoint some members to committees to assist during the rally, since it is very hard for two or   
four members to try and do everything. Most members are willing to help, and it might be a good idea to ask the
newer members or others who have not participated to serve on these committee. The experience of “behind the    
scenes” will for them to serve as Wagon Masters or Assistants.
2.       Committees as Registration, Parking, and Food should be considered.
3.       Another area where members might help is with the “make ready” such as setting up tables and to assist with the tidying up
of the area after the meals and at the end of the rally.


This item is left entirely up to the Wagon Master as to whether there will be prizes given for different events, such as Bingo, Door
Prizes, or for Recreational Events. Sometimes there are RV Dealers who are willing to donate these items. If they are purchased
make sure that amount is figured in and stays within the $ 200.00 limit for rally underage (negative)




1.        As per Board of Director meeting in Santos, TX, on May 19, 2018 a registration fee was set of $70.00 double or $ 35.00       

2.        If special tours, recreational events, exhibits, etc. are planned, the items will need to be listed separately on the
Pre- registration Form as options to the members. It has been found from prior experience that the cost of these optional items
should be paid for at the same time as the Pre-Registration fee that is sent to the Wagon Master, since an advanced estimate of
attendees is usually required. Also, if members pay in advance for these extras they more likely will not cancel at the last minute. This
helps to eliminate an obligated cost that would have to be absorbed by the rally.


1.        The Chapter by-laws state the Chapter Newsletter must be in the mail to the members at least twenty (20) days prior to the
meeting. Therefore, it is advisable to work with the Chapter Secretary as to the deadline for submission of information regarding the
rally. The members always enjoy having some information about the events and program that have been planned, so it is suggested
that a short summary be written and sent to the Secretary along with the Program schedule and the Pre-Registration form.

2.        There are some items that may need special mention on the Program and the Pre-Registration form such as:
(a)        Emergency phone number should be at the top of the Program.
(b)        Schedule the Board of Directors meeting, and the General meeting for Saturday morning. This scheduling should be         
        discussed with the President before definite times are set.
(c)        Plans for food and if the members should plan to bring service and silverware.
(d)        Availability of early parking and if there is an increase in the parking fee for “Early Arrivals”.
(e)        The collection of parking fees either by the Wagon Master or the Park Manager.
(f)        Restrictions or ground rules the Park Manager may have to enforce.
(g)        Good directions along with a map for the location of the RV Park.


                                                                       - 8 -

3.      From the experience of past Wagon Masters and discussions at the General Meetings, it should be remembered that when extra
items such as building rental (air/conditioning/heating extra) out-side entertainment, or purchases for items used as door prizes are
included in the Registration Fee this information should be noted on the
Pre-registration form.

4.        A specific date of when the Pre-Registration form must be received by the Wagon Master needs to be on the Pre-Registration
form. This system is particularly useful when the Park Manager requires a guaranteed number of coaches or if catered meals are
planned. An additional fee of $ 5.00 will be charged at the gate if not pre-registered or did not call prior to arriving at the rally.
Normally, the Wagon Master may wish to refund any advance registration fee if cancellation was received 24 hrs. prior to start of
rally. This decision should be made by the Wagon Master because of prior commitments that have been made for the rally.

                                                            - 9 -


A.        The Board of Directors approved a “Rally Registration Form” and it, should be used by each Wagonmaster. (See Table of
Contents). Copies of this form may be made or additional ones obtained from the Second Vice President.

B.        As the Pre-Registration Forms are received from the members, the information should be transferred to the Rally Registration
Form as soon as possible.

C.        The Wagon Master should prepare, in duplicate, a listing of Pre-Registered guests and ‘first-timers.” (First-timers are
members attending the rally for the first time.) One copy should be given to the Treasurer at the rally so guest name tags can be
prepared and held at the Registration Desk. The second copy should be given to the Hospitality Chairman, who will introduce the
guests and “first timers” at the General Meeting.

D.        The Wagon Master should be sure there are duplicate copies made of the Rally Registration Form before leaving for the rally.
The master copy should be given to the Registration Committee; one copy to the Parking Committee, if one has been appointed; and
one to the Park Manager if he is collecting the parking fees.

E.        Keeping accurate records is very important, as the Wagon Master will have to send copies of the Financial Statement to some
of the officers. This procedure is outlined in detail in Section IX. Basically, it is up to the Wagon Master to decide on the method to
be used, for accounting for the money collected, and possibly the Park Manager collecting the parking fee, it goes without saying
that the Rally Registration Form should be the accounting sheet.

F.        One of the last procedures that need to be done before leaving for the rally is to make up individual envelopes for each coach,
with the name on the outside. This envelope should contain door prize tickets if applicable, tickets purchased for special events, if
scheduled, and any brochures that might be of interest for additional sightseeing.

G.        It is very important to remember that pre-paid tickets to special events should have been requested on the Pre-Registration
Form and this amount sent in along s with the Registration Fee. Members, who later request to attend these special events or
neglected to send in the stipulated fee, must pay for these tickets at the Registration Desk. The Registration Committee should be
informed of this in advance, and reminded to keep these monies separate form the registration and parking fees. In addition, it might
be well to maintain a separate list for the special events so the accounting for these attendees is accurate. Remember, cancellations, if
not handled correctly may have to be absorbed by the rally.


IV.        ON-SITE Preparations

A.           Either the Wagon Master or the Assistant Wagon Master should visit the rally site at least once prior to the scheduled rally.
It might be well to walk over the park to be sure of the assigned spaces the Park Manager has allotted for the rally. All of the hook-
ups should be checked just in case some need to be repaired, and this should be reported to the Park Manager. Locate the most
suitable parking spaces for the handicapped members and the exhibitors if they are scheduled.

B.        Check the Recreation Building to ascertain if there will be enough tables and chairs to accommodate the estimated number of
members that will be attending the rally. Also,  there should be available kitchen facilities. The electrical outlets should be located,
since these will be needed for the coffee and hot water urns as well as other electrical appliances that maybe used.

C.        Also, it is important to know how the coaches will be parked, and if there are designated entrance and exit ways as well as
emergency exists if needed. This information should be relayed to the Chairman of the Parking Committee, if such a committee has
been appointed.

D.        If exhibitors are scheduled for either inside or outside, then, this space needs to be  designated and assigned to each




A.        The Registration Committee is the second group to greet the members coming to the rally. This committee is very important
as the Wagon Master must pay the Park Manager for each coach per night, so it is essential that a correct count of coaches arriving
each day be kept.

(1). The Wagon Master  should give this committee the Master Rally Registration Forms so all of  the accounting procedures    may
be tallied on this one form.                  

(2). In addition, the Wagon Master should give the committee the individual
Envelopes that contain the, door prize tickets if applicable, tickets for special events if scheduled, and brochures or information about
the area. Extra envelopes may have to be made up for those members or Guests that did not pre-register.

B.        As each person registers the Master Rally Registration form is checked to be sure the registration fee has been paid. If the
number of days parking has not been noted this needs to be recorded and totaled.

C.        The Registration Committee should be the logical ones to collect the parking fees, unless the Park Manager has stipulated that
he would collect the fees. In either case the Wagon Master should tally up the nights parking with the monies collected each day.

D.        Since, the Master Rally Registration form maybe used as a central locator in case of calls for members or guests, or for
chapter business the person handling the parking should give the site number or location of each coach to this committee.

E.        The guests or ‘first timers” who may not have been noted on the pre-registration form should be added to the two lists that
had been started for the Treasurer and the Hospitality Committee. The Treasurer should have this list so name tags can be prepared
and the Hospitality Committee needs a complete list so each one maybe introduced at the General Meeting.

F.        If the Wagon Master has scheduled Special Events, and tickets have been purchased in advance, a master list should be given
to the Registration Committee, unless other arrangements have been made. In the event members wish to attend or to cancel the
Special Events, they should be referred to the Wagon Master.



VI.        FOOD

This section covers all of the food aspects that were highlighted in the Planning Section.

A.        The Inventory of consumable goods should have been completed.


The Board of Directors decided at the May 2001 meeting that 3 furnished dinners will be provided. These meals can be either catered
or prepared by Wagon Master and/or volunteers. This provision eliminates pot-luck. As per Board of Director meeting February 2010
members will not be asked to bring side dishes. This will be in effect until further notice.


(1)    When catered meals are scheduled it is very important for the Wagon Master to arrange a meeting, if possible, with the       
caterer, so certain items may be discussed, understood by both parties, and verified in writing.

(2)     Pricing the catered meal(s) to be served is very important and usually is quoted as a:
    (a) Fixed price per meal based on an agreed number of reservations.
    (b) Price per meal based on the number of meals served.
    (c) It should also be kept in mind that when the number of meals are quoted by the caterer there is usually a percent of
         over run permitted (10%).

(3)      There should be an arrangement made with the caterer for reporting the number of meal reservations.
     (a) The basic number of reservations for meals needs to be reported to the caterer prior to a deadline date. This is the main      
          reason for specifying a deadline date for the submission of Pre-Registration Forms.
     (b)There should be an agreement whereby additional reservations and or cancellations may be within a specified number of
         days or hours prior to the scheduled meal. Usually caterers have a 10% overage built in when specifying the number of        
meals to be served.

Note: This arrangement becomes very important when it comes time to pay out refunds for “no shows”


(4) Other items that should be discussed with the caterer are:

(a) The furnishing of the table coverings and setting up of the tables.
(b) The furnishing of staff to serve all of the meal or just the entrée, with the Members serving themselves. If members serve           
themselves, the lines will move slowly and there is a possibility of running out of food.
(c) The type of tableware to be used should be considered especially for the meat course. If plastic is to be furnished by the caterer,
the meat course will be hard to manage, then, it would be better for the members to bring their own silverware, and this should be
noted on the Pre-Registration Form.
(d) The cleaning of the tables, cleaning up of the general area, and the disposing of the trash should be prearranged with the caterer.

NOTE: If the caterer does not take care of these details, then, the Wagon Master should appoint some members to assist with the
cleaning up after each catered meal

(5) It is very important and just good business for the Wagon Master and the caterer to put the pertinent items in writing and if         
agreeable with both parties the agreement (contract) should be signed by each party and each retain a copy.

                                                                  -14 -


Wagon Masters are encouraged to be innovative and present programs and activities that are new to the members. Some parts of our
programs have become almost traditional; however, even when these are changed, the members have enjoyed the variations. Planned
activities that are available at the option of the members generally add to the enjoyment of the participants. Tournaments tend to keep
people entertained, and the Chapter has a set of bean bags, as well as other games that members might want to share. Group mixers
help to get everyone better acquainted and to give the new members a chance to know the other members. Outside entertainment can
be expensive, but usually small local groups or individuals maybe available in the nearby community. Group tours in the past have
been very successful, and members do not mind using their cars if tour buses are too expensive.

Following is a list of some of the rally activities that have been used in the past by the Chapter or other organizations.

1.        Bingo for prizes, cash, or white elephants.
2.        Organized games such as bean bag, baseball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, golf or tennis.
3.        Provide a list of points of interest in the nearby area and let the members visit the desired places on their own. Theaters,
       rodeos, craft shops, flea-markets, shopping centers, and scheduled community activities can all provide entertainment
4.        Movies and slide shows presented by the members or organizations in the community may prove very interesting.
5.        Costumed parties, or theme parties, if the rally is close to a recognized holiday.
6.        Arts and craft meetings maybe conducted by our own members or by others from the community.
7.        Seminars by our members or outsiders may include a variety of subjects such as maintenance and repair, cooking on the       
       road. First-Aid, CPR, emergency road repairs, etc.
8.        Scavenger Hunts.
9.        Scooter Race.
10.      Musical Chairs.
11.      Square Dancing.
12.      Christmas Coach decorating contest. This is a tradition at the Christmas rally.



A.        An Inventory of supplies and equipment should be made immediately after the rally, and the inventory given or sent to the
next Wagon Master. (See Table of Contents). If, for some reason, the next Wagonmaster has not been assigned, the Inventory
should be given or sent to the Second Vice-President.

NOTE:  If there are supplies or equipment which were not included from the previous rally, the Wagon Master should contact the
Second Vice President or the President. Sometimes other members will take these items to be delivered later, so it is a good idea to
locate them as soon as possible, so the Wagon Master will know hat supplies will need to be purchased f or upcoming rally.

B.        The Board of Directors approved a “Financial Statement” for use by the Wagon Master in reporting the rally income and
expenses. (See Table of Contents).
The Wagon Master should attach copies of the completed “Rally Registration Form” and receipts for expenditures. Including catered
meal invoices to the “Financial Statement” and send to the Treasurer. Copies of the Financial Statement only should be sent to the
President and the First & Second Vice Presidents. Retain a copy for the file along with other receipts and the individual registration
forms until the “Financial Statement” has been approved by the Board of Directors. If there is a rally surplus include a check for this
amount with your report to the Treasurer and made out to “LONE STAR CHAPTER” In the case of a rally underage (negative) the
Treasurer will reimburse the Wagon Master.
A maximum of $ 200.00 total negative was approved by the Board of Directors on September 2001.

Any Underage (negative) in excess of $200.00 must be explained in writing and approved by the Board of Directors.

                                                                 -16 -



                                     Registration Form

Name: ____________________________________________    FMCA Number: F ___________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Number                                        City                                   State                         Zip

Date of Arrival:        Monday                      Tuesday                    Wednesday                       Thursday
                                                              (Circle One)

Handicap: _______        Coach Length: ________                Power Preference: __________

Coach Occupants:  ______                                        Rally Fee:
$70.00 for 2

Extra Person   $35.00 per person                                                Amount enclosed: ________

Parking Fee: $                Pay at Office upon arrival.

                                           Please make check out to:
Wagon Master name
and Mail to:
                            Wagon Master Address

                                                                        - 17 -

Sample of Rally Itinerary

                                       Lone Star Rally
                                   Any Where RV Park
                            (Address and Phone Number)
  Wagon Masters
                               Assistant Wagon Masters

                     Come early and visit. Rates apply all week.

9:00 AM Registration (50/50 Tickets go on Sale) Sign Up for Bean Bag Baseball
2:00 PM Ice Cream Social and Rally Welcome
6:00 PM Special to be prepared by Butch & Charlotte, Drinks and Dessert

8:00 to 9:00 AM Breakfast
9: 30 AM Shopping and or tours
Lunch on your own
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Card Bingo Bring Card and 8 quarters.

8:00 to 9:00AM Breakfast
9:30 Board Of Directors Meeting
10:30 General Business Meeting all welcomed
Lunch on your own
2:30 PM World finest Bean Bag Baseball Come Play and Heckle.
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Awards and drawings.

7:30 AM Sweet Rolls, Coffee and So Longs

Don’t forget to find a local Charity for the donations. It is best to find out what they
need or can use and to let the attendees know what to bring. It might be canned
foods, toys and even school supplies.

 -  18 -

Wagon Masters
Date of Board Approval


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                - 19 -